A Series of Scarlett

The Wonders of Travel from an Aspiring Journalist


So here it begins.

Year 12, age 17, stuck in a small school in a small town in a pretty small country. However, I intend to change that.

In my spare time (or, rather, when procrastinating) you won’t find me playing games, online shopping, obsessing over Facebook… No – I obsess over the official website of France, Inside the Travel Lab, 501 Places, 101 Holidays, just to name a few. Constantly finding the cheapest air flight deals is another hobby of mine; it is truly amazing to see where you can go with £100.

I believe that travelling is one of the only ways to challenge yourself, and I am a strong believer in Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote – ‘Do one thing every day that scares you.’

So, here is today’s.

This blog will recount my travels, whether to a local market or a foreign country, in the hope that someone will read it and maybe even enjoy it, and to begin my journey towards reaching my ultimate goal – becoming a (successful) travel journalist.

SoS x


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