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Ocean Expeditions in Mallorca

During the summer of 2013, I went to Alcúdia in Mallorca  for a week, and spent the majority of the time on the sea.

The first trip was a short snorkeling excursion around Puerto Pollensa. On the small boat it was just me, my family and the Captain – who was very helpful in correcting my Spanish. We stopped to snorkel three times, and the colour and clarity of the water was incredible. The sun was high in the sky and the reflections on the waves were mesmerizing.


Although few fish emerged, I found the feeling of being immersed in water utterly intrinsic. There is a marvellous tranquility that can be discovered underwater and I found myself being carried along by the gently rocking waves.

After the first boat trip, I had mastered the art of not becoming seasick. I was thrilled to find out we had booked a ‘Sunset Tour’ and could not wait for the amazing photography opportunities. This trip has to be one of the most blissful and carefree experiences of my life; the restful waves, the sun setting on the ocean and the sheer happiness felt by everyone on the waters. The sun descended quite quickly, and by the end of the tour we found ourselves in darkness, despite the mass of stars.

Summer 2013 188summer 2013 259

As the sun set, the reflections on the water were unbelievably bright and clear, and I loved the light spots created in the photos. In this snorkeling trip, we managed to see many schools of small fish, and where it became more rocky it seemed as if the rubble was hiding many creatures. However, much to my delight, I saw my first ever starfish, who was sitting on a large rock. It was the most amazing colour – a bright crimson, speckled with white.

As night fell, a stream of white light fell onto the sea, as if the sun refused to let the darkness take over. In the second photo, I love how the sails of the boat seem to reflect the sunlight whilst the rocky hills fall into the shadows.

Summer 2013 200Summer 2013 201

These trips confirmed my absolute love of snorkeling, discovering and just being among nature. I would thoroughly recommend booking a sunset boat trip when next on the island – it is a wonderful experience.


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